Plug and Play accelerator in Silicon Valley

Ecosteer has been selected by Plug and Play Tech Center in Sunnyvale, CA for a 3-month Program aiming at supporting the growth and internationalisation of High-Tech Startups.

The Acceleration Program

Plug and Play is the largest innovation platform worldwide, bringing together startups, corporations and investors. With its more than 220 Corporate Partners, startups have the opportunity to meet high-level people at major corporations. The accelerator has also a huge network of investors and in its portfolio we found Dropbox, PayPal and LendingClub. Every day there is at least an event, so it is a great place to network and learn.

The next 3 months are going to be stratigic, but also very exciting for the growth of Ecosteer! The program is supporting us with workshops leaded by the most relevant serial entrepreneurs, advisors and managers of the Bay Area. We have also a dedicated mentor with a strong experience in the biggest high-tech companies at the Word. Moreover, we have the access to networking events and private meetings with Corporations that might be relevant for us.

The Silicon Valley Ecosystem

Silicon Valley is definitely the right place to be for a high-tech early stage startup. There is a unique startup ecosystem and the network is the key element you can benefit, even though you have to build and leverage it properly. Every day you have the possibility to find interesting meetups, to talk with brilliant people willing to share their experiences in the tech industry and to learn a lot.

We are working hard to get the most out of this opportunity.

About Ecosteer

EcoSteer is an IoT & Blockchain software company for Data Privacy and Data Security. Thanks to Ecosteer Data Ownership Platform Companies can access and use customers’ data in full compliance with Privacy Regualations, such as European GDPR and Californian CCPA. The Data Ownership Platform can be deployed as a retrofit solution on any data brokering infrastructure because it is technically independent from both data sources and data transporting platforms (brokers), allowing Data Owners to manage third party access to their data with complete autonomy. 

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