DMG Productions explores advances in software and blockchain technology.

Jupiter, FL—Advancements with Ted Danson will center on innovations in IoT & Blockchain software and data flow technology. This episode is scheduled to broadcast 4Q/2019. Check your local listings for more information.

As cryptocurrencies and blockchains are gaining traction, many industries are exploring business applications and creating new opportunities enabled by such technologies. Blockchains – known also as Decentralized Ledger Technologies – offer completely new business models enabled by tokenization of every kind of asset and smart contracts. Industrial Internet of Things produces an enormous amount of data that can be shared with stakeholders in the network solving privacy and security issues, thanks to Blockchains. In this segment, Advancements will explore EcoSteer, one of the first IoT companies embracing these leading-edge technologies to explore opportunities within potentially disruptive initiatives.

Audiences will learn about EcoSteer’s technology, which offers a reliable way to capture continuous data flows from huge numbers of devices and locations making them easily and securely shareable with selected stakeholders thanks to Blockchain Smart Contracts. This real-time, varied and vast array of data can be delivered simultaneously into many different types of applications, guaranteeing Ownership and Privacy of Data.

“We live in a new Sharing Economy and we are used to sharing our personal assets – such as cars, houses and bikes – to generate revenues. But in the 21st century these are not our most valuable assets: in fact, our most valuable asset today is data. While, we do share our personal data with the applications and platforms we use every day, we are not the ones who monetize it. Not only that, once we have accepted to share our data, we lose control over it – and that’s not really in compliance with Privacy Regulations, such as the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Ecosteer Data Ownership Platform allows individuals, companies, and institutions to share and monetize their data in full compliance with Privacy Regulations, such as the GDPR,” said Elena Pasquali, CEO of EcoSteer.

“Data belong to those who produce it, and now Blockchain can support Data Ownership protection, allowing data owners to manage third parties access to their data. Moreover, data owners can now share the same data flow with multiple stakeholders, thus disrupting traditional business models that link a data source to a single application and stakeholder, thus multiplying the value of your data” Guido Ferradini, Chief Legal Officer

“EcoSteer new Data Ownership Platform gives power back to data owners. With the Data Ownership Platform, every individual and every company can tokenize data streams generated by devices, and most importantly, can grant data access to chosen stakeholders and revoke it at any time, independently from both the technical data origin and from the data brokering platform,” said Daniel Grazioli, CTO.

EcoSteer’s commercial model is built on working with a diverse range of technical partners, both to augment the underlying technology with further specialized technical skills, but also to market expertise to address industry needs in a variety of sectors, from telecoms and utilities to manufacturing and municipalities – i.e. smart cities.

About EcoSteer:
EcoSteer is an IoT & Blockchain software company that converts things into shareable and tokenizable data streams, under complete control of their owners. Already under development for the Province of Bolzano, EcoSteer blockchain-based Data Ownership Platform allows citizens, companies and institutions to share and monetize their data securely & easily. Its Data Ownership Platform automates Privacy Regulations allowing data owners to easily grant and revoke data access via Smart Contracts. The Data Ownership Platform can be deployed as a retrofit solution on any data brokering infrastructure, because it is technically independent from both data sources and data distribution platforms (brokers), allowing Data Owners to manage third party access to their data with complete autonomy. Giving power back to Data Owners, Ecosteer provides the technical foundations for a new Data Sharing Economy. For more information, visit:

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