A push-only edge gateway software that converts “things” into shareable data streams

Real time visibility over phisycal assets

EcoSteer’s patent pending EcoFeeder is a software that collects, processes in-memory and pushes to the cloud millions of data points, connecting to any device, using any communication protocol and running on small footprint edge gateway devices or computers, or on virtual platforms.

It provides the intelligence required to control local actuators, while avoiding the security pitfalls inherent to traditional request & reply communication. EcoFeeders eliminate all issues related to scaling and performance from the complexity and volumes of sensors, devices and data in large scale IoT projects, at the same time ensuring complete interoperability and resilience of data flow – dramatically cutting the cost of any IoT deployment.


A crisis that will decide the Data Economy future

 Governments are faced by a choice between data surveillance or data democratization     The Covid-19 epidemic is threatening not just our health systems but the entire world economy. Strong and immediate measures are needed to limit contagion, save the highest number...

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Una crisi che deciderà le sorti della Data Economy

Al bivio tra sorveglianza totalitaria o democratizzazione del controllo sui dati Il mondo intero sta affrontando una crisi senza precedenti – quella dovuta al Covid-19 – che sta mettendo a dura prova non solo i nostri sistemi sanitari ma gli interi sistemi Paese....

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Data surveillance or democratization?

#EU identified #DataInteroperability and #DataOwnership & Privacy as key elements for a fair data collection and sharing system, but to succeed we have to know how different available data collection solutions work!

Yesterday we received a totally unexpected and unsolicited email from @NOI_Techpark announcing substantial support for its #startup community during this difficult time.

We are grateful for your help and ready for the brighter future.. of a decentralized #datasharingeconomy!

Governments are faced by a choice between data surveillance or data control democratization.

Identifying the consequences of current choices we can turn this crisis into the opportunity for Italy and Europe of becoming the leaders of a new #DataEconomy

❓Why do we need to chose between #dataprivacy and #publichealth?

❗Providing citizens with full control over their personal data and rewarding them for sharing it, we would be able to empower them!

#dataownership #iot #blockchain #datasharingeconomy

Real time #datastreams are needed to make our cities less congested, reduce their environmental footprint, and improve quality of life.

👏Today we have @Goldin_G, who will explain the power of real time #datastreams in #smartcities. Watch the video!

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