A push-only edge gateway software that converts “things” into shareable data streams

Real time visibility over phisycal assets

EcoSteer’s patent pending EcoFeeder is a software that collects, processes in-memory and pushes to the cloud millions of data points, connecting to any device, using any communication protocol and running on small footprint edge gateway devices or computers, or on virtual platforms.

It provides the intelligence required to control local actuators, while avoiding the security pitfalls inherent to traditional request & reply communication. EcoFeeders eliminate all issues related to scaling and performance from the complexity and volumes of sensors, devices and data in large scale IoT projects, at the same time ensuring complete interoperability and resilience of data flow – dramatically cutting the cost of any IoT deployment.


Energy Data Streams Marketplaces for the EU Green Deal

Energy Data Streams Marketplaces make available IoT data streams to cross-sectors Business and Institutional Partners, within a tight governance framework, transforming passive ‘consumers’ into ‘prosumers’ who actively contribute to a new sustainable value chain. IoT...

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A crisis that will decide the Data Economy future

 Governments are faced by a choice between data surveillance or data democratization     The Covid-19 epidemic is threatening not just our health systems but the entire world economy. Strong and immediate measures are needed to limit contagion, save the highest number...

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Today at 10AM we speak about #blockchain at this webinar

Thanks to the blockchain, the technical #decentralization provided by EcoSteer’s US-patented multicast data encryption is reinforced, thus fully decentralizing data access control. #dataownership

🏵️It's US Patent Granted!!!

🔊EcoSteer has been granted a US patent for our "Multicast Encryption Scheme for #DataOwnership Platform" - only 2 months after filing!

🚀The necessary basis for a new, ethical and #decentralized Data Economy!

Thanks to @SterneKessler

🗓️16.09.20 - webinar "Blockchain & Digital Identity" by the EU Project Erasmus+ BLOCKS

@pasquali_elena will talk about how EcoSteer uses #blockchain to implement Data Ownership, the necessary basis for a new, #decentralized Data Economy.

What's the difference between #decentralization and distribution of a data sharing system?

❕Distribution refers to the location of data. Decentralization refers to the control of data.

By decentralizing data access control, data owners have now full control over their Data!

🗓️27.08.20 - EcoSteer presents itself ON STAGE at the Community Event of the NOI Techpark

At EcoSteer we believe in a new #decentralized and #distributed #DataEconomy, build it with us!

#dataownership #iot #blockchain #decentralization

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