A data sharing governance overlay network based on our US-patented Multicast Encryption Scheme and blockchain smart contracts

Decentralized data access control

EcoSteer US Patented Data Ownership Platform gives Data Owners full control over access to their data. Data Owners can now grant and revoke data access to and from chosen Data Users, at any time. 

Data access consent is managed via blockchain smart contracts. The blockchain eliminates the need for a centralized authority to guarantee transactions, thus reinforcing the technical decentralization provided by EcoSteer innovative end-to-end, multicast encryption scheme.

Data Monetization

EcoSteer Data Ownership Platform allows Companies to deploy ethical, privacy-compliant Data Streams Marketplaces, where Customers can exchange their data with tokens and use these tokens to buy services and products from multiple Data Users.

These corporate Data Streams Marketplaces will allow companies to generate new revenue streams while providing an entirely new experience to their Customers.

Flexible technology

EcoSteer Data Ownership Platform is an overlay network, meaning that it can be installed atop of any Data Broker and can be integrated with any kind of IoT sensor – i.e. smart energy meters, car telematics, or smartphones.

This makes it a completely retrofit solution, capable of working within existing corporate and institutional IT infrastructures and of supporting different business models.

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