Data Ownership Platform

A data privacy governance overlay network enabled by blockchain smart contracts.

Easily and securely data monetization

Individuals and Companies can now tokenize and sell data streams generated by their devices safely and easily.

The Data Ownership Platform is a data sharing governance layer that allows Data Owners to have visibility over any third party requiring access to their data and the blockchain smart contract establishes a direct relationship between Data Owners and Data Users, where Data Owners can grant & revoke data access at any time, thus automating GDPR consent management.

The Data Ownership Platform does not interact with the technical data source, nor with the data distribution platform, making it a completely retrofit solution, that can work with any existing sensor, meter, car telematics, smart phone etc., as well as with any data distribution platform. Thanks to the Data Ownership Platform we give power back to data owners!


The Internet Of (Very) Big Data

HOW BIG IS BIG DATA? Well, one single energy meter generates 1 million data points per day. This means that about 20 energy meters would generate as much data as 20,000 Walmart stores.   Let’s start by discussing how big is Big Data.  For...

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We are hiring #softwaredevelopers!

- Python or other PL;
- Exposure to software design and architecture patterns;
- Understanding of distributed computing.

Junior developers willing to grow professionally and female candidates are encouraged to apply at

We are #SESARegioanlFinalist in the category Best #Blockchain Startup at #SESAwards2019 and we ask for your support again!

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Thanks for your support ...for a new #decentralized, #datasharingeconomy!

Do you know the difference between #datastreams and data sets?

Our first #datastreams champion @AlexLarentis, will explain the power of real time data!

📺Watch the video and... #enjoyourdatastream 😁!
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Stabilendo la proprietà individuale dei dati, la #GDPR pone le basi per una nuova economia dei dati decentralizzata.

Ecosteer permette agli utenti di controllare l'accesso ai propri dati e di monetizzarli:

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Happy to announce the partnership with to develop new applications based on #IoT real time #datastreams.

#AI will unleash the full potential of data, enabling companies and cities to provide customised and innovative services!

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