Data Ownership Platform

A data privacy governance overlay network enabled by blockchain smart contracts.

Easily and securely data monetization

Individuals and Companies can now tokenize and sell data streams generated by their devices safely and easily.

The Data Ownership Platform is a data sharing governance layer that allows Data Owners to have visibility over any third party requiring access to their data and the blockchain smart contract establishes a direct relationship between Data Owners and Data Users, where Data Owners can grant & revoke data access at any time, thus automating GDPR consent management.

The Data Ownership Platform does not interact with the technical data source, nor with the data distribution platform, making it a completely retrofit solution, that can work with any existing sensor, meter, car telematics, smart phone etc., as well as with any data distribution platform. Thanks to the Data Ownership Platform we give power back to data owners!


A crisis that will decide the Data Economy future

 Governments are faced by a choice between data surveillance or data democratization     The Covid-19 epidemic is threatening not just our health systems but the entire world economy. Strong and immediate measures are needed to limit contagion, save the highest number...

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Una crisi che deciderà le sorti della Data Economy

Al bivio tra sorveglianza totalitaria o democratizzazione del controllo sui dati Il mondo intero sta affrontando una crisi senza precedenti – quella dovuta al Covid-19 – che sta mettendo a dura prova non solo i nostri sistemi sanitari ma gli interi sistemi Paese....

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👉@B_Hub4eu a great initiative that helps #blockchain startups in offering high-tech solutions for European public services, companies and citizens.

We are honoured to contribute to the #EU #blockchain ecosystem

By decentralizing data access control and automating GDPR consent management, companies can share IoT data with multiple business partners within a rigorous governance framework, actively involving consumers into the data value chain.
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'Whilst you have probably seen the pop-ups from Google (and others) telling you to review your privacy settings, the chances are you probably haven't done so' Read the article here:
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The 21st century is about the #dataeconomy, where data is a primary economic category, just like goods and services.

As ownership is central to how the economic system operates, the GDPR establishes the principle of #DataOwnership.

#DataMonetization #DecentralizedDataEconomy

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