A new Data Sharing Economy

Converting things into shareable and tokenisable data streams
automating compliance with Privacy Regulations


Data Security and Interoperability

Convert things into shareable data streams thanks to our IoT push-only gateway software.

Data Privacy and Ownership

Have full control over who accesses
your data thanks to Blockchain Smart Contracts.


Smart city

Citizens, Companies and Institutions can publish and monetize data streams generated by their “things” through a Smart City Data Stream Marketplace, while maintaining complete control over who accesses their data.


Car telematics data can be shared and tokenised while remaining under full control of their owners, the drivers. Carmakers can now exchange that data in full compliance with GDPR for a variety of new services that can be delivered to drivers and creating new revenue streams from data intermediation with all the stakeholders interested in using that data.


Real-time Energy Usage Data is needed by multiple stakeholders for different objectives such as providing new services and cutting cost. Utilities can become the centre of a stakeholders network, sharing smart meters’ data within a tight governance framework and creating new value for all stakeholders.

Featured on CNBC


SESA Awards 2019
Best Blockchain Startup in South Europe!

Premio Marzotto 2019

Winner of the AXA-A4W Special Award

Alperia Startup Factory

Winner of the Innovation Camp 2019



A crisis that will decide the Data Economy future

 Governments are faced by a choice between data surveillance or data democratization     The Covid-19 epidemic is threatening not just our health systems but the entire world economy. Strong and immediate measures are needed to limit contagion, save the highest number...

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Una crisi che deciderà le sorti della Data Economy

Al bivio tra sorveglianza totalitaria o democratizzazione del controllo sui dati Il mondo intero sta affrontando una crisi senza precedenti – quella dovuta al Covid-19 – che sta mettendo a dura prova non solo i nostri sistemi sanitari ma gli interi sistemi Paese....

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📌Domani vi parleremo di come la #decentralizzazione implementata dalla #blockchain consenta ai cittadini di condividere i loro dati in modo controllato, collaborando per rendere le città un posto migliore.
👉 https://www.milanodigitalweek.com/persone-e-tecnologie-blo…/

#MilanoDigitalWeek2020 #HFARMevents

❓"IoT & Data Privacy - a contradiction in terms?"
‼️ Tomorrow we will talk about empowering citizens to have control over their IoT live data, thus making #smartcities a better place to live.
👉 https://www.milanodigitalweek.com/smart-everything-e-data-privacy-una-contraddizione


In a digital world, the ownership of our data has to be recognized not only by law, but also at a technological level, thus allowing a straightforward way for data owners to ‘monetize’ their data.

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"EcoSteer will make Digital Participation a reality. With the certainty of being in control and of obtaining rewards for virtuous behaviour, citizens will be incentivized to share their data for the common good" @pasquali_elena at @Startupbusiness


The future of #automotive Industry is based Mobility #DataMarketplaces, where cars' data can be shared with multiple applications and stakeholders, while providing drivers with full control over their data and with a rewarding user experience.

Today we are @MotorValleyFestival!

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About us

EcoSteer is an IoT and Blockchain software company that addresses the key IoT issues of interoperability, security and privacy.
Our mission is to digitalise the physical world in a secure and cost-efficient way, converting things into shareable and tokenizable data streams, under complete control of their owners.

We believe in decentralised marketplaces where every personal, corporate and public asset in a city could become a data streams producer, and these data streams could be sold to stakeholders looking to use that data for a more efficient, smarter and healthier environment, thus laying the foundations for a new Data Sharing Economy. The Data Sharing Economy can create tremendous opportunities for those companies that will choose to disrupt obsolete business models.

Let’s start building it together.