Control of personal data at its point of origin

Sophisticated demand-side software
for privacy centric V2X

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GDPR consent requirements

"Consent must be freely given, specific, informed and unambiguous"

"It should be as easy to withdraw consent as it was to obtain it."

Based on a patented Multicast end-to-end Encryption Scheme, the Data Visibility Control Overlay (DVCO) assigns data access control at its point of origin, i.e., any IoT device. DVCO allows data owners to unilaterally manage consent / retract to different kinds of usage, as mandated by the EU GDPR.

DVCO software adds a Data Governance decentralized layer above a centrally managed Security and Privacy.

Data Visibility Control Overlay for V2X

In V2X scenarios, DVCO enables demand-side neutral data exchanges, free from costs & liabilities of centralized consent management.

Service suppliers request data visibility directly to drivers, establishing with them a disintermediated one-on-one relationship, in full compliance with GDPR.

EDPB Guidelines for mobility

“Much of the data that is generated by a connected vehicle relate to a natural person that is identified or identifiable and thus constitute personal data. GDPR is the relevant EU legal framework”


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