Use cases

Corporate Data Exchange Hubs.

Turning privacy laws into a business opportunity.

According to EU Regulations, personal data has an economic value and is, in fact, a counter-payment for digital services. Aiming to give the power back to consumers – the rightful data owners – new Privacy rules are making existing data monetization models not applicable anymore.

As third-party cookies are not GDPR-compliant, only “first-party” data can be used for consumer profiling. EcoSteer Data Ownership Platform allows 'traditional' companies, that collect consumer first-party data on a daily basis, to turn Privacy Laws into a business opportunity and become leading players of a new data economy, distributed, decentralized and ethical.

By giving consumers the possibility to unilaterally decide which brands can access their data in exchange for tokens, companies can deploy their own Data Exchange Hubs, based on innovative, transparent and Privacy Laws compliant data monetization models.

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Possible use case

Energy Data Streams Marketplace.

Smart energy meters and other home sensors are digitalizing the space we live in, describing personal behaviour in real-time.

Utilities can unlock the full potential of this data by involving consumers and business partners in their own Data Streams Marketplaces, powered by EcoSteer Data Ownership Platform. Consumers can directly share their personal data with chosen brands – such as insurances, FMCG companies, etc. – and be compensated in tokens for data sharing. These tokens will be then used to buy personalized products or services on the same Marketplace.

Possible use case

Mobility Data Streams Marketplace.

Car telematics is the major source of data streams for applications that vary from insurance risk calculation to autonomous driving, to personalized advertising.

Thanks to EcoSteer Data Ownership Platform, mobility players can generate new revenues from Car Data Marketplaces, while enhancing customer trust and loyalty. Thanks to this new, One2One marketing model, drivers can freely decide which brands can access their data – e.g., retailers, traffic management applications, fleet managers, etc. – in exchange for tokens to spend on desired services.

Possible use case

Payment Data Streams Marketplace.

Payment data is extremely interesting for players in different sectors – from media & advertising to retailers and FMCG brands.

Thanks to EcoSteer technology, financial players can provide an innovative consumer experience and generate new revenues by deploying a universal loyalty scheme, where brands can access consumer data in exchange for tokens, while being fully compliant with Privacy Laws. In fact, by establishing a direct relationship with consumers, brands can use first-party data for new, sustainable, personalized, and transparent marketing initiatives.


Innovative technology to become Data Companies.

Free from legal liabilities

The direct relationship between consumers and each data user eliminates all liabilities related to centralized control over data access.

Enhanced customer trust

Consumers have full control over third-party access to their data and are rewarded for data sharing, with full involvement in the data monetization cycle.

New revenue streams

Companies have new revenue streams from the marketplace management - e.g. transaction and subscription fees.

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