Data Ownership

A data privacy governance overlay network enabled by blockchain smart contracts.


The Data Ownership Platform

Individuals and Companies can now tokenize and sell data streams generated by their devices safely and easily. They have visibility over any third party requiring access to their data, and they will be able to grant & revoke data access at any time – without interacting with the technical data source, nor with the data distribution platform. This makes Data Ownership Platform a completely retrofit solution, that can work with any existing sensor, meter, car telematics, smart phone etc., as well as with any data distribution platform. Thanks to the Data Ownership Platform we give power back to data owners!



Industrial IoT and the (Data) Sharing Economy

Where is the real money in IIoT? Industrial IoT (IIoT) is a huge business opportunity. According to IndustryARC research (June 2016), the IIoT market is estimated to reach $123.89 Billion by 2021 at a high CAGR. According to Accenture, the impact of IIoT on global GDP...

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IoT and IoD – The Internet of (Very Big) Data

The IoT will give rise to the IoD – the Internet of (very Big) Data. The business opportunity is big too, but what about the costs? How Big is Big Data? Let’s start by discussing how big is Big Data.  For example, Walmart customer transactions generate about 1...

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About us

EcoSteer is an IoT and Blockchain software company that addresses the key IoT issues of interoperability, security and privacy. Our mission is to digitalise the physical world in a secure and cost-efficient way, converting things into shareable and tokenizable data streams, under complete control of their owners. We believe in decentralised marketplaces where every personal, corporate and public asset in a city could become a data streams producer, and these data streams could be sold to stakeholders looking to use that data for a more efficient, smarter and healthier environment, thus laying the foundations for a new Data Sharing Economy. The Data Sharing Economy can create tremendous opportunities for those companies that will choose to disrupt obsolete business models. Let’s start building it together.