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Data Ownership: a Copernican Revolution.

Controlling access to data at the point of its generation.




EcoSteer is an IoT and Blockchain Start-up for Data Ownership and Monetization. Its mission is to lay the technical foundations of a new, decentralized, and distributed data economy, based on the ethical principles established by Privacy Laws.

Thanks to the right mix of competences of its team – ICT, Legal, Business and UX/UI - EcoSteer has developed and patented its Data Ownership Platform (DOP), a technology that uses end-to-end encryption and blockchain smart contracts to decentralize data access control, putting it back into the hands of the rightful data owners, who can also be rewarded for data sharing.

By turning any data brokering platform into a neutral, blind data intermediary that directly connects data owners and data users, EcoSteer DOP allows companies to deploy their own data exchange hubs where new, One2One, transparent mass marketing models are made possible. For the first time, consumers are actively part of the data monetization chain, thus minimizing legal costs and liability, while maximizing marketing ROI.

Reconsidering Data Privacy versus Data Ownership.

The concept of Data Privacy dates to the pre-Internet era, where personal data were static data sets. The objective of regulators was to protect these data sets from access by unauthorized third parties — mostly by ensuring that repositories of static data were not vulnerable to external attacks. However, given the radical shift in what we currently account for as personal data, it is crucial to revise this term.

Rather than just talking about Data Privacy, we should be thinking about Data Ownership, which gives consumers the right to directly allow visibility over their data to an individual third party, as well as to revoke it anytime.

Decentralized Data Ownership control: a Copernican Revolution.

With the widespread adoption of connected devices generating continuous flows of data, our focus must shift from the protection of data at the point of its collection (e.g., a database containing data sets) to the protection of data at the point of its generation (e.g., a device generating data streams), handing the control to us - the consumers.

What we need is a paradigm shift — a Copernican Revolution of sorts —moving away from the current centralized approach, towards a decentralized data economy, in which individuals assume control over their data from the outset.


our innovation

EcoSteer Data Ownership Platform.

Based on end-to-end encryption and Smart Contracts, our patented Data Ownership Platform allows to decentralize data access control and give it back to the rightful data owners.

As the only software currently capable of automating data processing for granting and withdrawing the consent to access personal, named data streams, EcoSteer Data Ownership Platform can enable the creation of the neutral ‘personal data-sharing intermediaries’ envisaged in the EU Data Governance Act. These data-sharing intermediaries are tools designed to help individuals exercise their rights under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) through neutral means, by connecting different actors yet always operating in the best interest of Data Owners.

Our team

Management team.

Elena Pasquali

CEO & Co-Founder

Daniel Grazioli

CTO & Founder

Giada Zanatta

Business Development Director

Gabriele Sankalaite

Software developer

Georgiana Bud

Sofware developer

Daniele Scanferlato

Brand Experience Director

Guido Ferradini

CLO & Co-Founder

Andrea Chiostri

CFO & Co-Founder

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